Painful sex— even with lube

Very TMI but I’m 20 and I’ve been having sex pretty consistently for three years. Sex has become increasingly painful over the past six months. And I’ve become dry as a bone. I have an iud and the string got displaced but the IUD stayed in place (confirmed by sonogram). I don’t have a yeast infection or a bacterial infection—confirmed by tests. I’m losing my mind. I feel useless. Every time I have sex-even just the tip-it stings. I bleed after sex. The appearance of my vagina have changed somewhat drastically in the past six months. The doctor says everything is physically ok but I’m going crazy. I’m on Wellbutrin and I use prescription acne cream. No amount of lube in the world helps. And I’m still dry even with foreplay. I tried a vaginal moisturizer and I had the WORST discharge. Has anyone had a similar experience?