Not sure if this is acceptable from my husband?

My husband does a lot for me and our 2 girls. But when I try and wake him up to go to work he doesn’t budge. If I don’t pull the blanket off him or poke and shove him he won’t wake up. So I assume he’s half asleep. But he hits me when I try and wake him up. He tells me to stop and I’m irritating him but he won’t wake up when he needs to. But he’s starting to hurt me. He grabs my arm and squeezes it, pushes me into the bed, and just now I grabbed his phone and he lunged out of the bed and hit my back quite hard... other than these times he’s never laid a hand on me and is very respectful and caring. He’s not emotionally abusive or anything. But this physical stuff when I’m trying to wake him up is starting to worry me.