My son is 3 & 1/2 weeks and since day 3, he’s just been nursing constantly. Like, hourly feedings, if not more frequent. Sometimes, he’ll only eat for 6 minutes or so even if I try all the tricks to keep him awake and eating. Other times, he’ll eat for 20-30 minutes. He’ll usually fall asleep but then I can’t move him off of me or he’s wide awake and wailing and making all of the “hunger cues” again. I set him down, he wakes up screaming. Sleeping with my nip in his mouth so I slide it out? He screams. We’ve had issues with him being gassy but we’ve been able to drastically improve that. He just seems so tired all the time, too. His lips are literally white and peeling like they’re water-logged from just being on my nipple alllllllll day. I’ve been tracking the feedings and I’m putting him on/off the boob over 20 times a day most days.