am i wrong or right two topics


so my bf always on the game when he comes hoem for work is really annoying i can never watch a movie or tv it pisses me off he never wnats to help with the kids never chnage diapers or nothing or spend time with them it makes my skin crawl i cant stand him anymore he drinks to today he got two 40 ounce beers which i dont mind long he dont get drunk like he use to but it just so annoying he always on the game smfh... and when i ask him to help he just bitchs or dont or complains when he does it..

topic #2 so his cousin is 12 been here for like 3 and half weeks i can never watch something because he stays on the game all day long when hes gone and when i tell him to cut if off he dont wont to rudely tells me otherwise or dont giv me the controll to put a movie i got pissed and said something to my bf about it is not right he can control me so i been oweing him 6$ i been givin him money to help me sweep the floor up and tidey up and he is going say u owe me 6$ ok first of all u runnin my light bill up secondly i bene paying for ur food as wel and ur eating grocerys that i dont mind u eating 🤦🏻‍♀️ i been paying for the food and grocerys not anyone else... i just giv him 16$ and my bf givin him money as well so whats the problem here??? he is ungrateful and i never got money for helping tideying up when younger my parents made me help without money... and like yesterday or two days ago you hit my autistic son on the back hard for what for for meaness and spikeness you lucky i didnt fly into your ass.. instead i let my bf handle it since he isnt blood to me.... am i wrong for being aggrvated?? also money wise when ur young like that u only get 5$ or so to help a parent out even though ur not family we been givin over 5$... im beyond aggravated and ill everyday....