Breastfeeding anxiety


Okay, I have taken a course. Read the what to expect first year, breastfeeding section, watched training videos. I felt okay, like its doable. My plan to breastfeed seemed attainable and great. But people have freaked me out. I don't know if its they are trying to be helpful or what. I have heard horror stories only. Its painful, awful, you struggle to produce enough, it doesn't matter of you latch correctly it hurts. Its basically impossible, you better have a support system or you are screwed. Now obviously humanity has survived so its clearly possible. But damn, I'm terrified and nervous that it will be awful or I will fail now. I expect pain, let down engorgement and all that at first. I'm not ignoring that but it's hard to stay positive when I hear so much negativity. Like people are expecting me to not be able to breastfeed and already offering sympathy and condolences.