PCOS/Endo/The Pill = Confusing Cycle


**Long story/Rant**

I was diagnosed with PCOS & Endo in the beginning of May. I was put on BC pills and told to start them immediately (I have half way in my period). I started my period at the end of April and continued to bleed continuously until the end of June. I quit the pill before our vacation to see if the bleeding would stop and it did!

My question is... we are TTC and I have no clue when to take a pregnancy test. I did earlier this week and it was negative, but how do I know when my next period is suppose to start now?😭

I quit my job so my stress level would go down, started Pink Stork fertility tea/sweets/supplements, just bought our first house. I’m trying to go ahead and buy some pregnancy products while we still have a second income just to make it easier financially. WE ARE READY!💖💙👶🏻 All we have ever wanted to be is to be parents. We are ready for our little angel, but I can’t figure out what my body is doing😭