Trust your gut!!

About 3 months ago, I broke up with my (ex) boyfriend because he kept spending a lot of time with a girl who he claimed was just his “friend”. He kept driving her places and hanging out with her all day long. I told him that it made me uncomfortable but he said he wasn’t gonna stop talking to her so I ended the relationship. He said this girl was only his friend but something in my gut told me that this was not the truth. About 2 weeks after we broken up, he posted on Snapchat a picture of him and this “friend” of his being super close to each other, it almost looked as if she was sitting on his lap and I instantly knew he was messing with her. He lied to me. Instead of being honest and saying he wanted to date her, he lied and made me seem like the crazy person. I snapped on him and blocked him on everything. I haven’t talked to him since then. Fast forward to today, his best friend messages me on Instagram out of nowhere asking how I am and stuff and he also tells me that my ex is in a new relationship with none other than the girl he claimed was his FRIEND. Luckily I don’t want him back but it just hurts & makes me mad that he could do me so wrong when I treated him so good. He made me feel like I was tripping but I knew in my body that he was not telling me the truth. Anyways, always trust those guts ladies!!