How do I change a scheduled c section to an induction?


This is my second pregnancy. My first was a c section. I was induced got to 4 cm dilated, water broke and they realized she had flipped breach. Other than that my pregnancy had no complications. We had moved to a different state half way through my pregnancy so I didnt really have a dr. So I just randomly ended up with the lady who is very intimidating. This pregnancy I have had no complications and I really want a vbac. She told me you could not be induced so she scheduled me for a c section at 41 weeks(which is next week) if i dont go into labor naturally by then. I have since learned that people can be induced. I would like to do this but I dont know how to go about it. Do I call up to the office? Wait for the lady who is supposed to confirm the c section calls and mention it to her? I'm so stressed, I really dont want a c section, I would rather try being induced and know that I at least tried if it all fails. Help please!