Anxiety much? 🤔 Get a Fetal Doppler

Courtney • Married to my Compliment ❤️, Stepmom 💪🏾, Birthed Twins and Pregnant with second boy 👶🏾 🤎

I really do try not to think the worst during this glorious time of actually being pregnant (been trying for 4 years) but the seed of doubt always seems to creep in. I can barely read through some of these posts ...everyone seems to recount their horrible stories..leading to happy endings of course, but I can’t help but think “what would I do if that happened to me?”

Since I was seeing a specialist - I would get vaginal scans every week...delightful to see my gummy bears grown steadily, with strong heart beats. But now since I’m passed 10 weeks and have “graduated” from the fertility specialist I have to see my regular GYN....who has a less than convenient schedule. I started to freak out as time passed because I hadn’t had the opportunity to hear my little one’s heartbeats.

Well ladies....I bought a fetal Doppler so fast lol and erased all that doubt! I now look forward to every evening listening to them before I go to sleep. If you have the same problem - I’d highly suggest buying one ☝🏾