Rant/mumble/getting off my chest

Lola • Trying for a rainbow baby ♥️

I recently met up with a friend I haven't seen for six years and it's gone really well pretty much left off where we finished and it's been so good meeting up.

She's in a relationship and been with this lad for a year and a half and she was asking for my opinion but I felt though I couldn't have complete honesty as we've only just started meeting up again.

But she wants a baby and to get married to this guy and honestly he's lovely but he doesn't want to marry her. She's desperate for a baby and he doesn't want kids at all and she cries on my shoulder about how much she wants a baby eventually and he's completely closed off to any commitment.

Also their relationship at the moment is long distance but she's moving in with him in August he's got a small place and they are sleeping in different rooms as he's not ready to commit to the same room. They've only been away together once and he refuses to go on holiday with her on their own as he is an extrovert and feels he'll get far too bored if it's just them two so always invites others and on dates.

What kind of advice can I give her when she asks? As I don't want to over step any boundaries?