Testing newborns for THC

For the love of God if you have any negative comments please leave me alone. I’m seeking support not another mom bashing me. So please just save it. I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am a pot smoker and when I found out I was pregnant I planned on quitting just like I did with my first baby. Unfortunately this pregnancy made me so ill I couldn’t function correctly. All I wanted to do was lay down. I couldn’t eat. My anxiety definitely went up. And I couldn’t do my daily household work including spending time with my 20 month old. I smoked pot to ease my anxiety and it helped me eat. I wasn’t getting too stoned. I wasn’t spacing out. If anything it made me feel normal. I knew my limit to avoid that. I was energetic, I got most of my house chores done and I was spending time with my daughter without feeling like shit. I didn’t disclose this to my dr in fear of getting cps called on me. I don’t smoke out of blunts. Just pieces. I have definitely cut back a lot since I’m closer to my due date but my question is do hospitals do mandatory thc testing on newborns. I live in Los Angeles. With my first born I don’t remember any drug screening but I would like to made sure.