Scared it wont last, tell me about you amd your s/o

Im 15 always been more mature, my boyfriend is 18 and a little immature lol which makes us ariund the sane mental age if you believe in that. I love him. I really do. Hes nothing less tgen actually perfect. Ive struggled alot with learning what love is and what a relationship should be or look like. I wasnt raised around any healthy relationships. Hes been so sweet hes never used me, hes never tried hurting me. He reminds me constantly that he loves me and hes here and im not easy to be with. But sometimes i hear that voice that everyone else has too, telling me it cant last because of our age and i cant imagine not being with him for at least a few years. I also knlw how much prople love showing off there relationship so tell me lol. How old were you when you met your s/o and how long have you been together! And id libe to hear all the other amazing stories you might have. πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€ thankyou if you comment i really appreciate it πŸ–€