Finally got my daughter to sleep at 830!

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Just kidding. She woke up 20 minutes later and has been up ever since. It's almost 11pm. Over it.

UPDATE: You guessed it. She's still awake. It's now 1:30am. I don't know what to do anymore. She's been fed. Changed. Rocked to sleep countless times. I just am at a complete loss. It's never been this bad.

2nd UPDATE: She fussed so badly when we fed her you would've thought we were torturing her. She ended up having bloody mucusy stool around 2am, spit up every time we burped her or put her down, and only finally got to sleep at 4am and she woke up again at 7am thankfully.. I'm glad she got at least a little sleep. Took her to the doctor and she's being put on Zantac for reflux and he switched her formula to Similac Alimentum and told us to stop the Nutramigen. This poor kid.