Help with a friend need some advice

So I’ve been friends with this guy for about two years. Ever since I met him he plays the victim. He would always say that everyone hated him and every time I would try to tell him that I don’t he would tell me to my face that I did. This was all because we didn’t sit next to him in class, once he said we moved away from him just because we sat somewhere different. Doesn’t that seem a little far fetched? For about 7 months he would text me every single day about his problems and how everyone hated him (nobody did they only did when he began accusing everyone that they hated him) but for months he did this and eventually I got fed up with it because when I didn’t listen he would constantly guilt me that I was an awful friend. Do you think I did the right thing by cutting off contact or was I too harsh? Also by these texts do they seem normal or that he is crying for sympathy again? Oh also btw he did that often. This was just a few texts he randomly sent yesterday. He usually has a cycle he will say something that upsets me and then says sorry he’s has done this many times. In front of other people he acts nice and kind but in front of me he’s often rude and once said that he hated me in front of my face for no reason. Do you think he’s being manipulative or toxic? Thanks for the advice!