Insight for all ! Don’t lose hope ladies !


My period is clock work ! June 22nd I was due for my period ! Nothing !!!!

BFN after bfn ! I’m in a aw ! Had blood work June 27th negative !

Then at the hospital for bad pelvic pain the Monday after (July 1st) - thinking I had an UTI or cysts ! It was painful ! They gave me a ultrasound and said my uterus was thick so my period was coming , it never came ! 🤦🏻‍♀️

So this last week my app like reset itself to give me possible fertile days , so I started testing opk . I was on cycle day 63ish. So I tested on this past Sunday ! Negative , tues positive wend positive Thur SUPER positive ! I’m like damn this is a lot of positives !!! And I took pregnancy test because I’m a mad women and pregnant IMMEDIATELY! So when I thought my pelvic pain was cysts and they thought my uterus was thick for period to come I was actually ovulating ! And hubby and I were having sex because we just wanted to ! So I covered my late ovulation ! If your not testing OPKS to CONFIRM your ovulation ! Don’t stop having sex !!!!! Because go figure the ONE month I ovulated late and had no idea ! We were happily having sex and got pregnant !

Don’t lose hope if your late and BFNS just keep baby dancing you never know ❤️❤️