Would you go back?

Me and my SO were in an argument. I was probably being more of a jerk than I should but I’m never mean like directly at him. I feel like he is always criticizing me and then today I had enough and got a little more aggressive than usual not being mean once again. And then he got up and started throwing things and pushed me. I tried to leave with my daughter. He wouldn’t let me. He took my daughter and still wouldn’t let me pack or leave. I gave up on packing and tried to just leave still wouldn’t let me. I finally was able to leave. I realized I have no where to go. I moved away from my family. He doesn’t really let me have friends outside of his. I’m not really sure what to do. While I was there he didn’t apologize and just made excuses for pushing me. After I left he started to apologize and said it wouldn’t happen again. I was married before and he was very emotionally abusive. I don’t want to stay in abusive relationship. Would you go back? He usually isn’t physical at all but I’m worried going back will say its ok.