Need all the prayers i can get!

Trisylee • Ember Sue born 10.24.19 6oz 8 1/4 inches passed peacefully in her daddy's arms❤ Mommy of Angel's 👼👼👼 LA postive/ Antiphospholipid syndrome Incompetent cervix Happily Taken 05/30/17🌹12/17/17 🥰🔐

Just found out i am pregnant. Was on clomid in april. Though the cycle failed. No period what do ever. Got diagnosed with a 2cm cyst 2 weeks ago. Pregnancy test negative them. Im am on cd 93. Yes thats correct. Cd93. I have a clotting disorder and have struggled hard to get pregnant. I want to be so happy but thos is my 4th pregnant. 3 MC. Prior. I need all the prayers i can get. Feel like having a panic attack.please stick baby. I want to meet you. Heading to the ER on doctors orders.