My boyfriend and his little sister....

When he told me this, I was seriously at a loss for words because of how cute this story was. My boyfriend is 21 and his little sister is 13... they are super close. Like they fr have one of those cute brother sister bonds. He's very protective over her and his mom anddd me lol but that's besides the point. Anyway.

We were talking ab my period bc I'm on it and the word period grosses him out🙄 but we literally just had some bomb period sex this morning and oh myyy😩

He told me that his sister is so mean whenever she is on hers. He said that she's embarrassed of it and most of the time she just stays in her room. I was like there's no reason she should be embarrassed of her period babe. Thats kinda sad... he was like yeahh for a while she wouldnt even talk to our mom ab it. When she first got her cycle she called me in the bathroom crying and asked what happened to her and I had to tell her.

YALLLLLL. THATS FREAKIN ADORABLE. Why do i think this story is so cute😭😭😭