I’m tired

Been with my bf, (now fiancé I guess) for over 3 years. We have had a ROUGH 2019. We just had an argument in the heat, he got a headache and so did I. 95% of the time we argue it because of something he did. Specifically, overstepping boundaries and/or disrespecting my body. There a huge blow up on his end, all the dramatics. Then I calm him down. He comes back to reality, apologizes, promises not to do it again, the end. This all usually takes 2 hours. It’s draining. We are both in a rough patch in life right now outside of our relationship but have been supportive of each other these last couple seriously rough months. He proposed to me last week. I said yes. But it was during an emotional time for him. He proposed without a ring. Now this is something that he has done on numerous occasions but he would ask via text message or at dinner. Randomly just ask “will you marry me?” An my response is “yeah of course” or “yeah I’m gonna marry you so hard” I’d say playfully. But this time he said was not like the other times, he was very much serious and went through his things and pulled out a card and receipt of the ring purchase/ down payment date. He then admitted to me that he held the ring and intended to propose last year but wanted to wait until he got his life perfectly together first. Even my sister knew and saw the ring (she didn’t tell me of course). But anyway he has a store credit for his down payment of $800 and plans to get a ring with that. All he has to do is go pick it up he says. He does not have a car (I do) but he uses his sister’s sometimes. He has not picked up the ring. I was confused as to whether we were actually engaged or if he was asking me like he always has. I asked him today after our argument and he says we are and he meant it. But his words greatly sway based off his emotion at the time. When he proposed there was lots going on emotionally so I feel like that’s what drove him to actually do it. Anyway that being said, I’m just tired of the arguing and confusion and the 0-100 he does on the regular. 😒 I’m tired 😔I just want to be able to bask in happiness for a change without the fear of things going south. Or him changing his mind. I have a hunch that he won’t get the ring this month or next month.