Feeling crappy...

Arielle • Mom to an angel, Quinn Jordan 💗 (11.29.14) and Bennett Ace 💙 (8.2.19)

Anyone else’s belly feel hard all the time? 38wks. My belly is really hard and I’m having period like cramping this morning. Not contractions because it seems to be constant not coming and going! It makes me feel sick, like I could throw up! Bad heartburn this morning too.

Induction is scheduled a week from tomorrow and I could really use this week to finish getting things wrapped up at work so he needs to hold off!! I was induced with my daughter too so I have no idea how it feels if labor were to start!

He’s loooow and engaged and I’ve done nothing to rest lately! My house is spotless and we’ve been to two fairs in the heat with my daughter in the last week. I carried her around the fair last night because she got tired...she’s 36lbs. I literally cleaned my bathroom floors on my hands and knees yesterday, weeded gardens, rearranged the living room etc. so maybe it’s just that I overdid it.