help! My schedule is so packed! Advice please!

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I am going into my sophomore year of high school. I want to be a veterinarian or a medical researcher when I get older. My freshman year I took 4 honor classes, 1 standard, and two band classes. This year I have cut down to only one band to fit the following courses: Biotechnology honors 2, English 2 honors, Geometry honors, AP world history, Biology Honors, Latin 1, and band. I have 2 rehearsals a week with marching band, I don’t get home until 7:15. the other days I get home at 4:40. I will have Saturday’s completely full most of the time until the second semester due to competitions. On Fridays we go to football games and don’t get home until 11 or even later. To sum it up for the first semester, I have 4 days a week busy until really late. The second semester, depending on if I join an indoor group again this year, I will have 6 days a week busy, because indoor groups have three rehearsals a week and usually lasting the same as marching band besides Friday rehearsals that go till 11 sometimes. I am going to be playing in both the top band and the bottom band this year, basically my weeks are PACKED. I am nervous about doing well in my classes. I have a 4.0 weighted gpa and I don’t want it to go down this year. Any tips on how to deal with this schedule and time management? Please help me! 😭 I will be taking 4 honors, an AP, and a language.