My ex still has sex with me

Things are very complicated between me and my ex. I started dating him when I was 13, and I’ll be 18 in two months. We broke up a few months ago, and he has been giving me all types of mixed signals. He attends a college far away from me, but every time he comes to visit and I beg to hang out with him he will, but it always ends up to him pursuing me (not by my choice) he does not force me, I let him because I love him. But one time before we had sex he reminded me it was not out of love and I started crying. I’ve ended up crying every time we have had sex since because I miss him but he does not want a relationship. He says it’s too much for him right now. He can’t kiss me, or hold my hand. Only during sex. It makes me very sad and I’ve confronted him multiple times but never get the right answers, I can’t tell what he’s feeling. We agree to not talk for a while but end up missing each other and texting. Outside of sex of course we spend a lot of time just talking like normal and playing video games together and such. I’m desperately trying to fix our relationship, it was never like this before. I’ll be house sitting for a week for my cousins and they’re okay with him coming over. He offered to, and last night, after thanking him about it he said “don’t worry I’ll bring the condoms” (something along those lines) and it made me really sad. Is he coming down just to have sex? Will the week he spends with me save our relationship? What can I do to save it?