The Doctor Confused Me!


So I went in to the drs. Office today feeling super nauseous and queasy along with being weak and shaky and also super tired. After going through everything he said “well, at this point we would usually check you for pregnancy but you have bleeding and you’re on birth control so you’re probably fine.” My bleeding came a little too early compared to when I usually start. I started a new birth control a few days into the pack of my old one per the OBs orders so that shouldn’t have anything to do with this. But now I’m so confused!! I have an aunt and old roommates who bled constantly and lightly through the first 6 months! The roommate failed birth control and thought she was just having light periods for a couple months but really she was just bleeding early on. My aunt bled all nine months. Now I’m worried! I talk about how much I want a baby all the time, but I want to be able to afford it first😬. The doctor I saw said other than that he isn’t sure what could be wrong. So he gave me some anti nausea meds to hold me over until I get it figured out. Ugh! Did anyone else have a similar experience? If so what was the outcome?