Hyphenated last names

So, I had a son when I was really young and still with the father. My mother’s advice was to give the baby my last name, and if we were to stay together it wouldn’t be a big deal to change baby’s last name to dad’s. Good thing I chose my last name because BD was scum and I walked away and he’s chosen not to be active in our sons life. Fast forward 13 years, I’m having baby number 2 and engaged to the dad. I just always assumed I was going to give baby her dad’s last name because we are going to get married. Until my son called her “first name mylastname” and I had to correct him. Now I’m feeling some type of way that my kiddos will be different and have two different last names, and my son told me it bothers him slightly as well. Is it a ridiculous idea to give this baby a hyphenated name just so my son doesn’t feel totally different from his half sibling? Maybe it’s pregnancy hormones, but I’m feeling really sad about it because it upset my son. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ what would you do?

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