Omg he’s sweet😍

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Okay, so I know this boy, and we are off and on with having feelings for each other and stuff like that. Well, my mom likes him but the rest of my family doesn’t like him at all. This is because my Uncle likes to talk crap and tell everyone what HIS opinion is on them, and its never a nice one. ANYWAYSSSS, I was with this guy my cousins, my sister, and his sister the other day and happened to be feeling my period ON ITS WAY, and I NEEDED to get stuff quick! Well, my Uncle was also there and was being a lazy bum like always and made my little sister cry cause he’s mean🙄. ANYWAYS (again...Ik i go off topic a lot😂😂) i wasn’t feeling too good and the boys sister asked me what was wrong, and I told her about my cramps and how my uncle wouldnt take me home(because i have no car). I told him i needed stuff but he REFUSED. And everyone i knew that could bring me stuff was at work. But, this boy asked his sister if I was okay. And she TOLD HIM i was on my period. I almost died. Im not ashamed of my period, but when someone tells your crush that...its a little weird. But he turns to me, and he was like “M, it’s okay. You dont have to be embarrassed it’s natural. And it doesnt make me think differently of you, or think you’re gross. You cant help it.” And went back to playing his game, but still it made my heart flutter a little. And I was like OMG!!!!!! DATE MEEEEEE!😂😂😂Long story short my mom brings me what I need and all was well. But like, I have never met guys like that. They would act grossed out if I was like crying and told them i had cramps (they get really bad sometimes)! Super immature. But yeah...thats what happened.😂💕

Sorry, just thought I would share bout my story.😂😂