35 weeks and tired

Samantha • I am me.

⚠️ possibly TMI

I was never this tired with my other two kids so I’m not sure what’s going on lol

I’m extremely tired to the point where eating a meal feels like a chore 😓

I was diagnosed with GD (gestational diabetes) as well though so idk if that’s playing a part as well? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve barely eaten today cause I’ve been so tired and I’ve been in and out the bathroom all day because of all the pressure, I constantly feel like I have to pee and then I try and only a tinkle comes out or nothing at all but then my body feels like it’s trying to push, not like trying to push out urine just altogether pushing (I’ve had incontinence before and it didn’t feel like this) and my vagina feels so swollen 😒

Every time I stand up my son drops into my pelvis it feels like or he’s pushing down there not sure which but it’s just a lot but I saw my OB Friday and my cervix is closed and far back still 🙄 so I don’t think labor is starting or anything but I’m just so overwhelmingly tired and annoyed and just wish this pregnancy was over already lol 😅 anyone else?