Family betrayal 😭😭😭 *Vent post*

So I am 8 weeks pregnant, when I found out I was pregnant I told my parents as I was super excited, my cousin also found out she was pregnant a few days after I found out. She went to my parents house and while my parents were in their room, had no clue my cousin was in the living room as they just walk in, and they’re talking about me being pregnant. Of course she over hears and tells her mom, my aunt. I had a huge plan on surprising my family on my birthday because of my past miscarriage at 20 weeks last year on March, I would be getting a cervical cerclage around September, by my birthday I should know that everything is going to be okay, and I had planned to surprise everybody on my birthday. My uncle just had a birthday party where everyone was asking me how my baby was doing, after I was playing dumb, “What baby?” “What are you talking about?”, they tell me that my cousin told everyone. I was so angry and hurt I was crying at the party. I just couldn’t believe she would do that after I told her I didn’t want anybody to know because of how I wanted to surprise everybody and she told my family. 1st of all it isn’t her pregnancy to tell anybody and 2nd I specifically told her I didn’t want anyone to know until I was ready..... and my emotions are just running wild and I just have anger towards her but I don’t want to be angry with her 😭😭😭