What’s going on

So my bf and I are in a certain type of relationship. He basically gives me a set of rules to follow ( I have to agree with them before we implement them) to help keep me happy and healthy. Most of these rules are things like “eat three meals a day andtell him when I eat” “always tell him when I am mentally not feeling good” “always talkto him and when I am having a panic attack (I start cutting people out)” and more.

Well today he had a bad day at work and he called me cause he always does after work. We were talking and I decided to show him my shirt that my friend gave me. (It’s a simple light grey cropped sweater) he said he likes it but doesn’t want me to wear it unless I’m with him or in my house. He also won’t let me refuse this rule and it upsets me. Should I just let it go?