Update : gender reveal....

Karina • Wife and mommy to Arya 🧿🎀

For weeks i had been anxious to finally find out the gender of our baby. The night before my husband and i could barely sleep from being so nervous. Just yesterday (07/29) we had our appointment and were told we were having a baby girl.

Throughout the whole ultrasound we knew something was up because they kept measuring the baby and something wasnt adding up. Finally we were saddened by the news that my baby girl was a week behind and wasn’t receiving enough nutrients or oxygen from the placenta. My heart immediately broke and my husband did all the talking. We were told she was very small for being 5 months and were given three weeks to hopefully have her gain weight. If she didnt gain weight they would have to intervene the pregnancy and being so little she wouldn’t have a chance or there would be a possible outcome of stillbirth. Either way, we were given just three weeks. Three weeks to give my baby girl a chance at life. The thought of possibly having to experience something like this just breaks me. My sister unfortunately lost her baby at 6months due to an infection and the baby didn’t make it through the night. I saw her go through all the pain and having to see her baby just for hours and cremating him. My worst fear was to ever have to go through something like this. That day was the first time i had ever seen my husband tell me he feels so bad and just break down in tears.... bloodwork will be done and we will know what is causing the baby to not receive enough nutrients from my placenta. I pray to get to meet my baby girl because shes all ive ever wanted. I pray that i actually get the chance to see the person she will become. ❤️