Gender Reveal Ideas

So I got pregnant with my rainbow baby 2 weeks after my loss, it was a saving grace for me and I wanted to honor my angel girl by announcing the gender on October 15 which is pregnancy & infant loss awareness day. I wanted to go to the apple orchard and have photos made, in one picture of the name we picked out I want to do a rainbow shot which I thought would be our way of celebrating our loss as well as our rainbow. I’m planning on doing just a maternity shoot in December for Christmas to just focus on this baby. What are your thoughts on this?? My family don’t quite understand as we are finding out gender via ultrasound in 3 weeks, like they don’t want to wait so long to know but this would mean so much to me I just hope they are supportive and don’t try to push us to do it sooner. I’ll be almost 25 weeks then. Also what are your gender reveal ideas and when do you plan on announcing them?!!