31 weeks 2 days


Went in for my regular check up and ended up in labor n delivery. I had mentioned having contractions for a few days already n doctor was concerned n send me in. Turned out I had to be given some iv and the shot to stop my contractions. Worse day ever being there for like 7 hours n just getting home to my kids I missed them and it was only some hours. Just to think when I’m actually delivering it will be days 😰Not to mention had only ate breakfast it was around 9pm when I got released. Anyway turned out I’m only a cm dilated n the shot helped, still feeling a bit of contractions here and there but not as much as before. Now I have to go back to my doctor next week to make sure everything’s ok. I don’t know guys, I’m due September 30 but baby wants to come sooner!! Hope he can stay in a bit longer 🙏🏼💙 either way can’t wait to meet him💙