TTC post birth control


Hey ladies!

Little backstory, I started a lo hormone triphasic birth control when I was 14, and have been on it ever since. (14 years) to be exact. The last pill I took was July 4th and got my period as usual.

So my husband and I just started TTC this month.

Wondering your experiences with extended use of birth control and TTC after.

Discussed is at my pre conception appt with my OBGYN and she said that in theory, we shouldn’t have any problems TTC, regardless of how long i’ve been taking BC.

I’ve been taking a prenatal for a few months and been using the clearblue advanced ovulation tests and the pre seed. Due for my period within the next week, trying not to set unrealistic expectations after only one month but still trying to remain positive. Why are PMS and pregnancy symptoms so similar!!?? AHH!

Any insight? Success stories? words of encouragment? :)