Yesterday around 5:00 am I started feeling a weird pain like my bladder was coming out... i got ready & was off to work & my 9:45 app... let me tell you it got real for me while driving.... the pain got sooo intense i cane directly to l&d barely made it to parking lot.. a doctor saw me parked my car & they called code blue ( i guess someone is bout to have a baby) hurryyy

The whole time i was contracting my water never broke. When i got to hospital i was 4 cm dilated... got some pain med & petosin begun..went from 4-9 in half hour request epidural & let me tell youuuu it did not work!!!!! I felt everything!!! I screamed & yelled for mercy i needed another doze I was about to passs out!!! They came in & it was way tooo latee nurse dumbass had left my husband & sister in law alone... i decided i needed to get her out & here i gooo pushed .. my husband was furious no one was there to help me... doctor rushed basically to grab my babies head... due august 7 came in a week early.... plot: dont ignore signs & pains & also my water broke at the very end..