Anyone else starting to feel burned out?

Idk why I feel the need to post anonymously, I guess I feel ashamed at myself. Me and my fiancé live with his parents and they’ve been so wonderful helping out with our baby. I’m so grateful for them but my fiancé on the other hand has really been pissing me off. We both work (I work full time, he was working part time but will be doing full time soon). I’m able to take care of our baby and get myself ready for work and get her ready for her grandparents to watch her. As soon as I come home from work I take over. My fiancé can’t even do that. He’s not made an effort to figure out how to work our baby into “his schedule”. On his days off he goes to the gym for a few hours and often times throughout the week he will go hang out with friends. He NEVER helps with the “overnight” shift. I’m always the one waking up and taking care of our kid. I’m just starting to get burned out. I love being a mom and taking care of our daughter but I would just like some help. When I’ve approached him on it he just brushes it off. We have fought a lot because of this, we are both so stressed out. My fiancé can be a great father! He has the potential, but he’s become lazy with it and he doesn’t prioritize time with her over his. I think I just needed the outlet to vent. Thank you ladies. I absolutely love watching all of our babies grow up together 💖