40+4 and need some encouragement

Shelby • Happily Married 8.28.15💍 Current Cat Mom x 2 🐈 Soon-to-Be Human Mom 👶 Baby #1 Due July 2019 🤰

My due date was 7/27, and I’m still waiting... I’ve wanted a natural birth from the get-go and really want to avoid induction if I can help it. I’m 3cm and 100% effaced as of yesterday. I lost my mucus plug over the weekend... I’m just praying this girl comes soon. My midwife offered induction tomorrow, but I declined because baby passed the biophysical profile with a perfect score. I’ll have to be induced early next week if she doesn’t come, but I really hope I don’t make it that far.

Any words of encouragement would be much appreciated. Anyone else have a similar experience and go naturally?