I hate this

My baby father has 6 kids. All from different women. ( He has Three, 3 Year Olds. A 7 Month old, A 5 Month Old and the newborn ) I'm the only one with two kids by him, we have a 3 year old & the newborn. My baby is the last baby. Any way, my baby father only posts & talk about the other 5 kids. I send him pictures all the time, He's comes over and gets our other son. Of course the baby stays with me tho. He still hasn't spent any time with the baby, it's always quick when he come over. He just kiss him or hold him for 2 seconds and leave. I just feel like my baby doesn't exist to him or like he's less important! Idk if its because he's still small and all he do is sleep???? Idk but it's making me feel some type of way. And I just brought it up to him on how I feel. All he said was " Hush " 😑.

(( Yes I know he's nasty for having all those babies close together like that. He's the type to hide kids until they get here. So I didn't know. Which is why we're not together ))