Is this cheating? What should i do?

Nandy • First time mom

I am married for 3 yrs. its an arranged marriage. Had 2 miscarriages. Stuggling hard to conceive a child. Going to celebrate our 3 rd Anniversary in 10 days.

Today i saw a message on my husband’s phone from a lady. She said thank for listening to her with patience. I checked logs on att. There wer many mesaage sin that sequence which were deleted. Took out call logs, he spoke to her on 11th of this month for 2 hrs. Gave him 2 mins to explain. He said friend, old friend, lives far. Took his ph and left to work.

He texted me on hangouts, after minutes of arguing he is at no guilt, he finally told me, she is the one he was supposed to marry, things dint work out between them die to families and they stayed friends.

Spoke to her, same lines. She said nothing to worry. She is engaged. I asked her to never talk to him. She agreed.

Now my husbnad argues she is a friend and he wants to talk to her, if she calls.

Now is is arguing i need to growup and understand they are just friends.

I dont know what to do. Am at work, with swollen eyes and teared cheeks.

After all arguments, he agreed not to talk. But how do i trust anymore? I love him more than anyone, i want to be with him forever. I dont know what to do.

Update: Thank You for all your support. Its almost end of my work day. I am not sure if i should go home. I dont want to talk to him. I need some time to settle myself. I told him, i will go somewhere. But i dont know where to go. I have no friends here. All i have are his friends. I am afraid of being alone, so not sure if i should check into a hotel. Am also worried if this can increase distance between us. He is asking me to come home & settle things. I am not able to take this emotional pain 🥺😢

Update 2: i thought it is all done when i went home. Thought we would argue, fight like usual and forget things in a day or two or a week, because its is the biggest fight we ever had. I told i will call all the numbers in log. He said no to. I picked up a number most called, when i typed in his ph, it was a man name. But i called, just in heat told i dont know if its a male anymore & why so many calls. He requested not to call, on pressing he told. Its a girl who is going through divorce & he saved him as this guy. I innocently gave him phone and asked him to call, every time she texted. I saw some messages and he told me, that guy is going through divorce and is forwarding all the conversations to him to scrutiny.

Now he is telling its a girl, but the mesages are still the ones she had conversations with her husband.

I am lost. I lost all th trust. Dont know what to do. Took car and came out, sitting in a parking lot for 2 hrs.