Am I pregnant or paranoid? *warning graphic photo*


Recently I’ve been getting very nauseous in the morning to the point where I can only have a smoothie in the morning and not feel like I’m going to vomit. Certain foods don’t grab my attention anymore. My appetite has decreased due to this. I’ve also noticed that I get dizzy fast, I’m tire

d throughout the day, and my mood easily changes. My nipples have darken lately and I’ve seen my boobs get a little bit fuller. Yesterday I had spotting but the blood was mixed in with discharge. At first it was pink then at night it went brown. Today I’ve been bleeding too, but not to the point where I soak up a pad. Just a couple of drops but not like a period flow where it’s always coming out. When I wipe, its mixed in with discharge again but with a bit of clots. My period is suppose to arrive today but my period blood is never mixed in with discharge nor have I never felt these symptoms before. Below is a picture of what I took today. I don’t know whether to wait to take a test or if it’s just my period and I’m being super paranoid