Jerk move body. Jerk move

Kirsten • Mom of 🦊, looking to add another kit to the litter!

So my usual, is a 12-14 day luteal phase with spotting starting at about day 9. Had ZERO spotting this time and made it all the way to 16dpo before any spotting showed up. Still don't have a period proper, but my downward trending temps and negative FRER tests assure me it is on the way. But seriously WTF.

I'm honestly not sure what help I'm posting on here for except to vent my frustrations...I thought charting was supposed to help me keep from thinking my period is "late" by providing an accurate ovulation date. Even if mine is off a bit I'm still "late". And super pissed about it. I don't want to be late unless there's a baby in there.

Thank you for reading this much. Rant over.

(Also I'm aware some temps are missing from after ovulation... I've been doing this forever and am pretty confident in knowing when I ovulate and don't like to temp once I have enough highs to confirm since it drives me bonkers)