So upset not sure what to do


I am 20 weeks pregnant with twin girls, will be 21 weeks come sunday. The story is I went through <a href="">IVf</a> back in February got the transfer April 3rd. I was on estrace from March 13th till about end of May. I had put on 20 lbs of water weight, never came off as doctor said it would. I went from 127 March 10th to if I remember right in June 147. Now I have no clue what I weigh but last time I was at the doctor I was 172. Before i told the doctor i couldn't fit in to anything from my waist down and i still cant. I tried to get maternity capris instead of wearing black capris that i had from pre-pregnancy all the time. But no they didnt fit. I am so concerned about my weight, I didnt want to go back to over 200 lbs but I had trouble getting the weight off in 2014. Any suggestions?