My birth story!


We welcomed our second beautiful baby boy 07/29! I went into the hospital for a planned induction at midnight. I was 38+4, 1cm & 50%.

They placed Cervadil in about 12:45am... by 1:15am I was feeling some mild contractions. The contractions were pretty consistent and kept getting closer as time progressed. At 7:30am, they took the Cervadil out and started pitocin on the lowest setting. I was only 2cm dilated by this point, so where as the cervidil helped get the ball rolling with contractions, it didn’t do much else.

The doctor came in and broke my water/did a membrane sweep about 8:45am. This was a bit painful and definitely made my contractions stronger. I requested that they start the fluids at a faster pace to prepare for the epidural which was a great call because within an hour my contractions were every minute for a minute and VERY painful. I cried every contraction but as soon as I got my epidural I was fine. They put me on my left side and baby’s heart rate dipped below 50. They immediately flipped me over and it back up, but decided to put a heart rate monitor in through my cervix attached to his head. They also would not up the pitocin past the minimum setting to make sure he was going to maintain stable.

To make a long part of the story short, they checked me a few times between 10ish in the morning and 5pm, but I only progressed to 3cm. I was getting very discouraged. I also was starting to feel some semi intense cramps and told my nurse about 5:30pm. Shift change was coming up at 7pm and I loved my dayshift nurse.. but I knew she was about to go home lol. About 6pm, I was checked one last time for that shift and I was only 4-4.5cm. They told me my pain was from baby descending down. At 7pm, right at shift change, I was BARELY able to breathe through my pain. By 7:15, when my new nurse came in, I was literally screaming/crying every minute for a full minute, and almost falling asleep between each contraction from sheer exhaustion. They called the anesthesiologists and told him I needed more meds.. he came into the room and instantly new by my demeanor that something wasn’t right. Turns out that my epidural had been pulled out so I was going through labor without any pain medication. He was PISSED that the nurses didn’t catch it. He offered me a new epidural and of course I said yes.

The nurse checked me at 8:50pm and I was 7cm dilated. She told me she’d come back in a while so she wasn’t introducing too much risk of infection by over checking me. At 9pm I paged her in because I felt some pressure. She came in and checked me and I was at a 10cm. My doctor arrived at 9:15 and barely got sat down between my legs. I said “can I push right now?” And before she even finished saying “yes, if you want to try you can” I started pushing. EVERYONE was shocked and told me “oh my goodness! He’s coming! You weren’t kidding mama!” So I pushed a couple more times back to back and he was born at 9:21pm! Everyone, including myself and my hubby, was cracking up at how fast I pushed him out when they were certain it would take a bit of time. His cord was around his neck almost 3 full times, but he was perfectly healthy.

We just got home today, and are learning to adjust to life with a newborn and a 2 year old!

I am exhausted, so I won’t proof read this until later. 🤪 hopefully it all pieced together for you!