What would you do?

You're doing a joint kid birthday party with a family member in September. You, your SO, family member and her partner are suppose to divide everything. Youre a sahm. Family member and you (with SOs money) are buying all the decorations and add ons. So far family members partner is only putting money for catering, location, and cake. You and family member have different ideas. Family member wants to go all out with big cake, fruit bar, snack bar, jump house, etc but you cant cause obviously only SO works. Party is getting too expensive and we still dont have everything including cake and location. I want to opt out but is it too late? I dont want to be rude but its getting way to expensive for us. I

honestly didnt think it was going to be like this. 😟 We still have 3 big expenses coming up in August, 3 in October, then Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December.