Come on, teach me.


I want to write sex stories, so enjoy.


usually hang out with my study group on weekend's, but they were all out of town which left me with my brother and his six best friends.

I still will never understand how someone has six best friends, I barely got one. My brother left with two of his friends and I knew he wouldn't be back for at least an hour and thirty minutes because I 'forgot' to order the pizza which mean's they'll have to wait for it.

That meant I had just enough time to handle this, I was barely paying mind to anything other then question in my head, Ugh! Me and my boyfriend got a little heated last night but I stopped it before it could go anywhere because I don't really know a lot about the bed, so I want them to help.

Carl, Stan, Tom, and Ben were the only four left and I knew by the way they all look at me they would be just fine helping me, Ben was on his phone and the others were playing the game not even paying mind to me, but this question I knew would get the attention I wanted.

"Guys." Tom is the only one who remotely acted like they heard me by humming, the others just moved their head's a little letting me know they heard. "Can I ask you something, like something serious?" When I asked that they all turned but quickly they stopped looking at me, other then tom he tilted his head.

"Go on." Tom said and I starred into his eyes taking a deep breath.

"Can you teach me how to suck dick?" When I ask that I heard a gasp, a hum, a quiet 'fuck' and a mumble which I didn't hear what was said. They were all starring at me but not saying a thing. "Guys, seriously, we only got like an hour." I said which made them all look to one another.

"Y-you can't be serious?" Ben asked and I groaned.

"Yes, I am. Me and Mark were making out and we almost went all the way but I stopped because I don't really understand the whole dick sucking thing you know?" I tilted my head and Tom was smirking at me before he licked his lips.

"Well shit, I'm in." Tom walked to me and placed a kiss on my lips before i could even think.

"Tom!" Ben called.

"Tom!" Stan also called.

"Tom seriously!" Carl said and tom stopped kissing me I pulled back outta breath.

"Just a second my pretty." He said then turned around. "What!?" he snapped.

"You can't do this!" Stan said.

"Why not! She's asking us too! Come on guys." He turned around. "Look at her! She so fucking want's it right now, and I'm not even gonna go all the way." He said and the others groaned.

"Why do you get to get your dick sucked and not us!" Stan asked.

"I don't want mine sucked, in case you idiot's forgot I got a girlfriend!" Carl said back.

"Honestly, I am more then fine with watching." Ben said and I smiled.

"See. Now you loser's don't wanna watch you can leave." Tom said before turning back to me and looking into my eyes, he took two steps back before tilting his head. "Get down on your knee's." I did as told and he bit his lip.

"Crawl to him." Stan quickly said and I got on all four's crawling over to him the boys got on either side of me while Ben stood behind me.

"Take his jean's off." Ben said and I unbuttoned his jean's slipping them down. "And the boxers." He added on so I did as told, Tom's dick sprung out and I licked my lips he was not only hard already but he was huge.

"Lick your hand." Carl said I looked over to him and his hand was placed against his groin.

"No, spit in your hand." Tom said and I did as told. "Now wrap your hand around me." He said and I did as told moving back and fourth, his eyes screwed shut and he bit his lip.

"Good." Ben said. "Now place a kiss on the tip and wrap your mouth around him." I nodded taking a shaky breath a placed a light kiss on his tip and slowly wrapped my mouth around his cock, Tom let out a low moan and I looked up to him through my lashes, then I looked around and all boys were moving uncomfortably other then Carl who was still messing with himself.

"Now bob your head, up and down go fast then slow." Stan said letting out a breath as he spoke, I did as told before hallowing my cheeks.

"Fuck!" I slowed down just a little maybe I was doing th- Tom placed his hand on the back on my neck and pushed me forward. "Don't stop." He said and I took the hint, I started to move my tongue and his hand came off my head and went to the back of his head. Each movement I was making caused Tom to buck his hips or let out little moan's, the boys were all starring at this in a lust and I think they forgot they were teaching me because no one else was speaking.

"W-wrap your hand around him and suck at the same time." Carl said and I did as told, Tom then let out a throaty moan.

"Shallow." Ben said.


"Dude it's her first time." Stan said.

"So what, you swall...." Tom's voice started to trail off, "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! SWALLOW IT!" Tom yelled before tom twitched in my mouth and I felt something shoot out and into my mouth it tasted salty but I still moved back and fourth and swallowed the best I could, Tom took a deep breath and I pulled back.

"Dammit! That was hot!" Stan said.

"Hell yeah!" Carl agreed, I chuckled getting off the floor and pulling up Tom's boxers and pant's, he button them back up.

"So how'd I do?" I asked looking to all the boys and they all smirked.

"Oh Mark will be more then happy." Stan said and I snickered.

"Thanks." I smiled before hearing the car door shut, I quickly dropped back to where I was and looked to the television.

"WHO WANT'S PIZZA!" My brother came inside. "Also thanks for ordering it!" He said in an obvious sarcastic voice I groaned.

"Shit, I forgot sorry." I said and he nodded.

"Sure you did." He lightly kicked me and dropped the personal pan pizza on my tummy, I stood up saying bye to everyone and walking towards the room, I need to call Mark.


Should I do part 2?