Had one of the scariest things happen to me today🥺

BonQuiQui • I’m blunt with my words, I don’t like animals get over it☺️

Since My daughter spent the night at her grandmas last night I decided this morning that my son and I would go to hope chest (thrift store) together so I can look for dresses (25 weeks today and only getting bigger nothing fits lol). After trying on a few dresses I took my son over to look at the toys, after a few minutes of my son looking at the toys I started to feel bloated/sick I told him we had to go cause I didn’t feel good. Standing in line there was a lady in front of me taking her sweet time paying like counted every penny; as I’m standing there I felt nauseous again but this time bad and to the point it was in my throat, I looked around at the room and it was turning black, I started to shake really back and I thought to myself “there is no way I’m passing out right here especially since I have brayden” he was my main thought, not the hard floor just him. My next thought was “what will happen if I do, what happens to him? I can’t pass out in front of him” I kept looking around hoping the feeling would go a way but it didn’t the room kept getting darker so I asked the lady behind the counter if they had water because I knew I was gonna pass out and right away she made me a seat, ran to the back for me some water, and gave me a piece of candy! Another lady in the back bought me a bag of cookies and made sure I was ok. I have never been that close to fainting in any of my pregnancies but this one for some reason loves to scare me at random times of the day. I chalked it up to my blood sugar was low even though I already ate this morning!!! I have had other times where I felt bad but not like this😭.