Baby boy is here!


Sullivan Flynn Mohan

August 3, 2019

5 lbs 15 oz, 19 in

I was induced at 37 and 4 because of IUGR and gestational hypertension. Baby boy came bigger than expected though and is perfectly healthy! Induction process took 22 hours start to finish and they gave me cytotec and a balloon catheter to get things moving, once the balloon came out at around 5 cm I got the pitocin and they broke my water. I got an epidural shortly after that and a few hours later we started pushing. I pushed for about 5 minutes, 1 contraction to get his head out and then a few small pushes to get the rest of his body out. No tears and no stitches thank goodness! We are so happy to have our little Sulli out and his big sister is in love with him!