32 weeks +3


Is anyone getting really bad cramps to where they are a 6 out of 10 when it comes to pain? I see my OB tomorrow morning but I feel like my water may be leaking cause everytime I cough or sneeze and then go to the bathroom my panties are wet but it's clear and has no smell and the amount is the size of a tooney and then my cramps are happening at the same time as my Braxton Hicks and I've been getting them in my back too but they have been progressing in pain and I get them all day through the day and the pain has been getting worse since Sunday/Monday. If anyone was having this at 32 weeks what did your doctor say or did you end up going into labor a few weeks early? I have a scheduled C-Section in September.

No rude comments please ☺️

UPDATE! I saw my OB and she said everything is fine just to drink more water and try to relax more than I am and if my cramps get more consistent to go to triage. Thanks everyone for commenting ☺️