A baby yes. Marriage never.

I don't know what to do anymore. Ive been with my partner for almost 3 yrs. We are expecting are first child together. He has 2 others from 2 other relationships. This is my first. I always imagined that id share the same last name as my child. Why wouldn't i want to marry the guy i see as my true love. He helped me escape an extremely terrible situation and showed me what being loved is really like. Anyways. Im not here to bash him. I feel heart broken though and debating are relationship. He asked me to marry him once. While we were baby dancing. I took it as a shock because i didnt expect it from him specially sense this was soon in are relationship. And that fact he had told me before that marriage wasnt something he thought about or really wanted. Fast forward a couple years. When stuff gets bad between us and he thinks im going to leave he tells me he wants to marry me. However we had a calm. None emtional driven conversation. Where i told him point blank i wanted to get married that i wasnt going to be anyone's girl friend for rest of my life. That i deserve to be a wife. He told me that he doesnt want get married. Not just to me but anyone

And that he will never be able to give me that. I feel unworthy and sad that i am expecting a child with someone who doesn't want me forever.