My moms so selfish

Alicia • 21• Michigan

I told her months ago that I wanted to go visit my dads side of my family before college started but I haven’t had the opportunity to this summer and now that she’s taken her vacation time I do. So we are supposed to be leaving rn but she hasn’t packed 1 single thing. And then she has the balls to say “why do all my vacations have to revolve around you guys seeing your dads family”. First off they don’t every time we go on vacation we go where she wants to go. And I don’t have my license so it’s not like I can drive myself. They are MY family not just my fathers and it’s not my fault that they got divorced and that they live 4 hours away. Watch. When we pack to go camping on Sunday she will be up at like 6 am packing for the trip yet it’s 9 and she won’t get off her ass. I never get to see my family but once a year and I see her side of the family all the fucking time and she doesn’t care that I wanna see my family and is taking her time. Now she’s deciding to do dishes and just called one of us a “fucking idiot”

She’s bitching about paying for my car and for my college when SHE offered to do that and how I quit my job yet I used most my most recent paycheck to give her a monthly payment

I can’t go to my dads he lives in Virginia and I’m already enrolled in college and start in a few weeks and not to mention I hate my dad cuz he doesn’t give a crap about me.

I hate my life.