Guilty mom 😓

I used to only eat healthy. As a child I would binge eat carrots. I loved dieting and exercising because it came naturally to me and I craved it. I never really wanted to eat bad food except on occasions.

But now at the most important time of my life to eat healthy, I have done the exact opposite!!!! HOW.

I eat so so much junk food. Rarely any veggies. I drink milk constantly. I just eat like shit!!!

I feel so guilty and I feel like I've done my baby so so wrong. I really hope he doesnt have these eating habits later in life because of me or have health problems....

I just feel so bad!😭

F*** you poptarts and ice cream and chocolate... Pasta, fast food, little debbie cakes... ALL of you evil yummy foods. F*** it all I wish I could turn back time and be way more concious of my baby's health over my cravings.