My bf says sex is overrated??? Huh?

Background: my ex raped me so it's taken me a while to trust my current boyfriend/love of my life as far as touching me. The first night we ever tried to have sex, he tried to put it in and it literally wouldn't go in because I was tensed up and I was scared so idk.. I was turned on but I was terrified so my pussy was as dry as the desert so we just stopped...

My boyfriend has only had sex three times before me and he has always said sex is overrated.. I have no idea how to take that😕

To me, sex is the ultimate thing you do when you trust someone and love someone and it kinda bothers me when he says sex is overrated.

Am I just taking it wrong? It's like, I finally opened up to a guy about my past and I trust him to stick his dick in me and he's over there saying sex is overrated.. but it's so much more to me😔